5 Benefits Of A Hosted Voip Phone System For Your Business

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is growing in popularity for many businesses because of the many benefits. With VoIP, you cut the phone line and rely on the internet to make phone calls. Many companies offer hosted VoIP for businesses that want the benefits of VoIP without the maintenance and work. Check out these five benefits to getting a hosted VoIP phone system.

They Save You Money

Switching to a VoIP system alone will save your business money. Even if you don't choose a hosted option. This is particularly true if your business frequently makes long-distant phone calls. With calls being made over the internet, you may see savings of up to 75 percent. When you sign up for hosted VoIP phone services, it will cost your business money, but you'll save money elsewhere. For starters, you don't need a bunch of equipment to make calls or store information. However, even more importantly, employees who normally handle the in-house VoIP maintenance or normal telephone maintenance can focus on more important tasks.

They Provide the Bandwidth

One reason businesses shy away from VoIP is the amount of bandwidth needed to support the system. By moving your phone calls from a dedicated phone line to the internet, you add a lot of activity. The more activity, the more bandwidth you need. Without enough, phone calls won't be clear and they may even be dropped. Other employees may also have trouble using the internet to perform their job because of all phone traffic using up the bandwidth. To correct this, you'll have to get a better internet plan, which will cost you even more money. With a hosted plan, the provider has to ensure there is enough bandwidth, so it's not your responsibility.

Hosted Providers Have the Best Technology

Unless your business solely focuses on making calls, you probably don't have the best equipment or technology. The money is best spent elsewhere. This can affect how well your employees serve customers. When you choose a hosted VoIP plan, however, they will have all the best technology because it's the only thing they do. Much like an outsourcing call center will have all the latest technology for handling customer calls, a hosted provider must have all the newest upgrades to nab clients and boost their own bottom line. Best of all, all that great technology is stored at their facility, so you don't have to find space or ensure it is being maintained.

Better Flexibility for Employees

VoIP is great at boosting employee flexibility because it allows them to work outside the office more. There is no need to be connected to the physical phone line with VoIP, so even lower level employees without company cellphones can connect and work from home. This can help boost employee satisfaction and production. Also, with a hosted service, employees have more room to take on more tasks, allowing them to grow in their position. This can also help boost employee satisfaction because it gives them something new to learn.

Hosted Services Change With You

A last benefit of hosted services is that they change with you. While normal telephone systems haven't changed much, VoIP is constantly growing and coming up with new features. If you have your own in-house VoIP system, you're in charge of buying those upgrades and installing them yourself. However, if you have a hosted service, you simply request any changes, making it great for quickly growing companies. Last, depending on the provider and your contract, some upgrades may be done automatically.

VoIP is changing how businesses make phone calls, but it can be overwhelming, especially for smaller business, to maintenance and manage the software and hardware. Hosted services are available and have many benefits. For more information, contact a hosted VoIP provider, such as Communication Technology Associates, Inc., in your area today.